"There is no ruler who can compare in virtue with a condition of non-rule" -Pau Ching-yen

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Some people find my blog by Googling for “den arga bloggaren” (Swedish for “the angry blogger”). I think that’s because I’ve written about this blogger, who often has an angry tone. None the less, this is often how I feel when I’m in blogging mode:

Pissed man at machine

The blogging libertarian?

It’s usually some politician that triggers it. At other times it is some journalist acting the useful idiot repeating the message of ruling politicians without thought. (they all seem to do this, all the time). I think politicians and lazy journalists will get a harder time in the future when the reading public is more used to finding several different views on the matters around the web.

Today I’m not pissed. I’m happy. Happy because I’ve just bought a t-shirt with that pissed man at the machine. I bought it here: Media workshop at Cafepress.com. Happy because I live in a time when I can discover cool stuff like that through my network of Twitter friends. The story in extreme brief is like so: I once discovered Robocode and wiki techniques at the same time. I started a wiki about Robocode, robowiki.net. It was a success and collected most all Robocoders on the planet. Years later one of the most talented coders out there, @Voidious,  found Robocode and the wiki and started to contribute. He is now the maintainer of the wiki and has brought things to new levels. We keep in touch mainly through Twitter and yesterday he tweeted about having his Pissed man at machine t-shirt on. Turns out it’s his brother, @Mattdude, that has created the figure. I’m just amazed! And happy.

Now I can’t wait to get that t-shirt! Economy shipping from the U.S. probably takes some time,

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