"There is no ruler who can compare in virtue with a condition of non-rule" -Pau Ching-yen

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Damn good advice!

One of my best friends listened to this interview with Jim Rogers and summarized the best advice (which seem directed at Roger’s own kids) up like so:

  • Conduct your own research and trust your own judgment.
  • Focus on what you yourself love.
  • Be persistent.
  • Broaden your horizons and see as much of the world as you can.
  • The most important thing you can learn is how to think and question everything you hear.
  • Study and learn from history.
  • Master more than one language – and make sure one of them is Mandarin.
  • Don’t panic.
  • Take care of yourself and don’t neglect the sunscreen.
  • Remember that boys need girls more than girls need boys.

I just want to add one thing to that list and it is complete:

  • Stay excellent to each other

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