"There is no ruler who can compare in virtue with a condition of non-rule" -Pau Ching-yen

Obama is pro Free-Market?

The Barack Obama

Pondering: How to best fuck the free market up?

Yeah, right! Reading the Bloomberg.com article, Obama Says He’s ‘Fierce’ Free-Market Advocate, Rejects Critics, is weird! To say the least. Obama:

The irony is, is that on the left we are perceived as being in the pockets of big business; and then on the business side, we are perceived as being anti-business

Give me a break! There’s no irony there, Mr President. The thing is that you are in the pockets of big business. And that, Mr President, is anti-business. Obama again:

You would be hard-pressed to identify a piece of legislation that we have proposed out there that, net, is not good for businesses

WTF?LOL! How about bailing out AIG to save your friends at Goldman Sachs? How about nationalizing GM? How about nationalizing all those other big business actors? How about pouring out $800 billion of tax payer money in “stimulus” to various projects run by your friends and whoever helped you run for office? How about making sure that Keynesian maniac, Ben Bernanke, keeps the money printing press on the after burner? How about the tons of regulations your are adding to the financial industry? Fact is, Mr President, that you would be hard press to identify a single piece o legislation that you have proposed that is good for business. Fact is, Mr President, that you’re a fierce advocate of something, for sure, but, whatever it is, it isn’t free market. You know, the key word there is free. Check it up in a dictionary.

Alan Greenspan also said he was pro free market. (Actually there’s evidence suggesting that he once was, but power corrupts…)

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