"There is no ruler who can compare in virtue with a condition of non-rule" -Pau Ching-yen

Sekundsnabba personnummer

Sweden is probably one of the world’s most secure countries. In everything we do we can rely on that our government will do what they are elected to do; Govern us. That is; care for us, guide us, punish us when we do wrong, reward us when we are good, protect us, provide for us, entertain us, choose for us… Everything that you would expect from a good parent.

Yet, we, the governed, like children, are always dissatisfied. We do not see why we can’t always be provided immediately. “But Mom! Why can’t I get this toy stroller now? I want it now!”. Right now we’re all scared, dead frightened. Our parents, eh, I mean our government, and the super governments they have instituted, have told us the most scary story. But of course, as the good parents they are, they can protect us. We just need to be a bit patient (not like that kid in the store who throws a fit when mommy tells her she can’t have the toy stroller right there at the spot). There’s protection for everyone. Line up, please (Swedes are good at lining up). Just wait for your turn, mommy will come to you soon. OK, so we line up, but we won’t stop complaining. The government should have protected us much earlier! They haven’t bought enough of the protection! They bought it too late! What if we’re all dead before we can get protected? Why isn’t somebody doing something???

No worries

In these scary times it feels really assuring, in that warmest, fuzziest kind of way, to read in the Stockholm Times that the government has taken a huge step towards making our security net tighter. Soon newborns will not need to wait more then a few seconds before they get their social security number. The beauty of it almost makes me cry.

Svensk översättning: Skönt att staten fixat så att nyfödda snart inte behöver vänta mer än några sekunder innan de får sitt personnummer. Allt känns mycket tryggare nu.

Comments on: "Sekundsnabba personnummer" (2)

  1. You probably mean safe and not secure but I get the idea.

    • It just happens to be that the closest translation of the Swedish word “personnummer” is “social security number”. Besides I thought “safe” might be interpreted like it was from the point of view of us citizens. What I wanted to emphasize was the security of the state (from the threats posed by free individuals).

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